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What Do You -THE CLIENT- Get in Return for our In-Home Estimate Fee?

Remodeling Costs – What goes into a Remodel

As part of our paid estimate, we will help you understand and estimate your Total Project Cost so you can develop an accurate budget before you actually select and sign a remodeling agreement with any company.  We want to make sure you understand your Total Project Cost, which is comprised of the five costs listed here:

  • Cost of Labor
  • Cost of Finish Materials
  • Cost of Design
  • Cost of Permits (when applicable)
  • Cost of Unforeseen Issues and Optional Upgrades

Our Estimate Fee – What you Get

Most other companies will address only the Cost of Labor, and leave the other costs up to you to figure out. Below we outline exactly what we provide you with when you schedule and pay for your remodeling assessment:

  • In home remodeling assessment which includes:
    • Project Scope review
    • Survey of the Space (pictures, accurate measurements, checking all existing conditions)
  • In showroom consultation with designer where we will present:
    • A Design Concept Board
    • Materials Selection
    • Materials Budget
  • Detailed labor proposal which includes:
    • Written scope of work
    • Typical work schedule from day one till completion with all the tasks that we will perform each day
    • Labor cost (which will include the labor, construction materials, overhead and profit)
    • A list with any optional upgrades and associated cost just in case if you later decide to add them to the scope of the work


Our Process – What you should Expect and When

Below is an outlined process for what to expect from us and when.

  • You Contact us
  • Home Assessment is scheduled
  • $145 fee is paid (online via check or credit card)
  • Home Assessment is completed
  • Estimator and Designers review the project
  • Designer works with you over email or phone to discover what you love, your needs and wants, and budget for finish materials
  • Designer prepares design concept board, selects preliminary materials, calculating the materials cost
  • Showroom meeting to review design is scheduled and completed
  • Labor Cost and Preliminary Design Package as presented in the Showroom (design board, material selection, and material cost) is sent.


Moving Forward –

At this point you will know all the costs associated with your project and you will be able to review all the information and  you will be able to choose from the following options:

Option 1:

Hire dRemodeling for a design and build project (the $145 fee will be credited towards the project cost)

Option 2:

Retain dRemodeling just for the design. We will revise and complete the preliminary design presented previously (and the $145 fee will be applied towards the design fee). You can use these designs to hire a 3rd party installer if, by any chance, you do not want to work with us for the remodeling.

Option 3:

Purchase materials needed for your project from our showroom (and the $145 fee will be credited towards you materials cost if you buy ALL materials from us)

Option 4:

Conclude our business


Why Should You Pay for An Estimate when other companies are giving free estimates?

We do things a little differently than other contractors. For starters, when they (other contractors) provide you with a cost for the work, that is all you get – a number tossed through phone or email. What we do is really assess the space and create a detailed scope of work, and labor proposal in .pdf format outlining the costs and process for your project.

In addition to this, we also invite you into our showroom for a follow up meeting where we will present you with a design proposal for your space, including:

  • Your Design Concept Board
  • Proposed Material Selection and Cost
  • Material Samples

We feel that the attention that we provide to each project should be of the highest quality, and our fee allows us to do that.


What are the advantages and benefits of having a paid estimate from dRemodeling?

When you pay our estimate fee, you get the advantage of working with a skilled technician scheduled to assess the project, in addition to one of our award winning designers. This benefits you by providing you with expert knowledge on site, in addition to a preliminary design concept and finish material budget for the space. Our designers will make these preliminary material selections for you, giving you a sense for the cost of finish materials required for the project! If you like the materials that are selected for you, you can purchase these through dRemodeling, whether or not you decide to go with us for a design or remodeling package!


What if the dRemodeling Labor Cost is over budget, and I get lower bids from reputable companies effectively deciding not to go with you? Is this fee a waste of money?

We are not the lowest-cost company on the market – however our prices are very competitive for the level of quality and customer service we offer. If you decide to go with another company for the remodeling work, the information provided by our assessment and the design work performed will still prove to be invaluable towards your project. $145 is a small amount relative to the overall cost spent on your renovation.

1st – if you decide to hire dRemodeling for any of the services we offer – the fee is refundable.

2nd – if you decide to hire someone else for labor – you might still need design services and you can apply this fee towards a design retainer

3rd – if you do not hire us for the labor nor need design – you can still use the fee towards all your materials needs

Even if at the end you decide not to use us for any of services we offer (remodeling, design, or materials procurement)  you still have a lot of benefits from this estimate:

  • We send out a very experienced technician at your home to review the scope of the work and all the technical challenges
  • You obtain a labor cost and a detailed scope of work from one of the most reputable companies in the area
  • You get couple of hours from our award winning designers to pick their brain on possible layouts, material selections and so on (and the hourly charge for a professional designer is usually at least $125 per hour)
  • You will know the approximate cost for materials prior deciding on a contractor. While the labor cost can vary a lot – materials cost should have minimal variation if you compare similar products or vendors.  Knowing the materials cost ahead will help you in selecting your contractor and calculating the final budget.


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