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A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

February 6, 2018 |

These days, it seems farmhouse style is everywhere in interior design.

The classic style ranges from country chic to polished sophistication at its most refined, and photos of farmhouse style flood pinterest and instagram feeds. The internet, it seems, can’t get enough.

And neither, it seems, can the team at dRemodeling! We were thrilled when we came across a recent kitchen remodeling project which challenged our designers to come up with the perfect blend of farmhouse and modern style. And may we just say, we think they pulled off the combination beautifully.

The Entryway

White barn door

A gleaming white barn door with vintage black hardware sets the stage for this modern farmhouse marvel

The Cabinets

White shaker cabinets

Stylized white shaker cabinets with chrome hardware: classic sophistication with a touch of modern. Hello, dream kitchen.

The Island

A slate-grey seated island plays beautifully off an otherwise all-white kitchen. The details in the wood are a callback to classic farmhouse style.

The Kitchen Nook

Eat-in nook, glass pendants

A cozy eat-in nook with built-in storage seating is the perfect addition to round off this amazing project.

The verdict is in, and we absolutely loved this kitchen! It manages to look at once sleek and contemporary, while maintaining the warm and inviting atmosphere the farmhouse style so beautifully lends itself to.

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Seeing Is Believing: Behind-The-Scenes At Waypoint’s Cabinet Factories

October 31, 2017 |

Our design team takes you on a tour from the rolling hills of Virginia and Maryland, to the rolling assembly lines of the Waypoint parts and assembly factories.

As designers, we strive to stay up-to-date not only in the world of interior design, but also in sales, marketing, new products, and new technological innovations for our industry. We are driven by the desire to create and are constantly searching for new outlets of inspiration.

So when the dRemodeling design team was invited to the Waypoint Living Spaces training and factory tour, we became driven to create the desire for our office manager to approve of the 3-day trip across Winchester, Virginia; Columbus, Maryland; and Allegheny, Maryland. Waypoint is a premiere cabinet manufacturer line that dRemodeling carries here in our showroom. Where better to achieve inspiration and advance our technical knowledge than to be immersed in the rolling hills of Virginia and Maryland and the rolling assembly lines of the Waypoint parts and assembly factories?

Our designers, Stephanie, Devin and Allison, enjoying the view at Rocky Gap State Park.

We shared this trip and learning experience with other designers and dealers from Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Going into the experience, we were unsure of exactly what to expect.  We were hoping that we would have the opportunity to finally meet some of the Partner Team face-to-face and also get a better understanding of their management process.

But we were most excited to see how all of the cabinetry pieces come together as we toured the facilities including the 1 – Winchester, Virginia headquarters where all of the orders were processed, 2 – Cumberland, Maryland factory where the unfinished wood pieces were profiled, constructed, and finished into the doors and face frames that would then be shipped to the 3 – Allegheny, Maryland factory where those pieces were assembled into the cabinetry boxes and shipped out to the consumer.

Hello To Headquarters 

We started off our trip at their Customer Service hub in Winchester, Virginia – a 3.5 hour drive from Philadelphia. We were introduced to the key members of the Partner Team and were finally able to put a face to the names that we contact almost daily to inquire about the status of our cabinet orders. The team was so welcoming!

They started with an icebreaker to get the conversation flowing, which throughout the trip could have included anything from a history of apples in Winchester via a PPT presentation, to a casual discussion of a local rock climbing spot in Cumberland called Seneca Rocks – truly fascinating stories – look it up if you are interested, but we digress. Understanding how they are able to manage and handle 350 +/- calls and 750 +/- emails a day provided me with a new perspective and appreciation for the short hold time (Goal of <60 seconds), and email response (Goal of < 4 hours). All of the calls and emails were monitored on a digitally projected screen, so everyone on the floor could track and monitor them.

They walked us through the building, explaining each department’s role. Walking through the sea of cubicle-like desks all personalized and decorated with photos, plants, etc., you could tell everyone was working hard and genuinely enjoyed their job. But what impressed us the most was their commitment to great employee interactions. The team of employees at Waypoint were not only coworkers, they were family!

From there, we reviewed the Waypoint Website, Ordering System, and Marketing. A Specialist from the Partner Team introduced us to Waypoint’s Online Style Quiz and Cabinet Visualizer. This is a fun and interactive tool that helps us narrow down a client’s design style. It is definitely a great tool we will start incorporating while working with our clients.

Under Construction In Cumberland

The second day, we visited the door and face frame assembly factory in Cumberland, MD. The sheer scale of the building was a marvel in itself, covering 9 acres under roof, let alone all the processes that were in place to maintain cleanliness and organization.  In fact, our feet were killing us by then end of the tour, even with comfy shoes on!

The organization was beyond compare. Everything had a place, and was clearly marked with color-coordinated (for lack of better descriptor) chalk outlines on the floor. Oh yeah – that orange trash can is supposed to go in that orange, trash-can-shaped outline of the floor. This walking tour gave us a once-in-a-lifetime view as if we were on the, “How It’s Made” show on the Science and Discovery channel.

We saw the process for profiling, constructing and finishing the doors and the face frame of the cabinets first-hand. The finishing process for paint and stain was also fascinating to watch – all done mechanically by undulating and rotating machines for a “factory finish.” We ended the night at a new location, the beautiful Rocky Gap Resort located on the Rocky Gap State Park. Getting to marvel at the neighboring mountains and lakes enveloped in fall foliage was an unexpected perk on our Waypoint journey.

Assembling In Allegheny

Design Inspiration!

We watched a quick safety video and we were off to the 2nd tour! Upon entering the doors, we walked through some of the plant’s inventory (would you believe only a 3-day supply of cabinetry is stored here) and on through to their assembly lines. From this point on, our jaws never ceased to close.This facility took all of those parts and pieces and assembled, packaged and shipped to the consumer. It was pure amazement to watch these employees construct a full-blown cabinet under 10 seconds while handling 400 degree adhesive glue!

Amidst immense rack aisles of finished doors, employees were offloading the packed doors in a seemingly unorganized fashion. However, we later learned that this was a thought out system – each door had a scannable tag that was recorded into a numbered and coded slot, allowing all of the doorstyle and finishes to be loaded into the most available slot.

This detailed system allowed the pickers (picking doors for an assembly) to be guided by an audible system to the oldest available door in the racks, while not being crowded together in the same area. After the cabinets were assembled, they were boxed and loaded into the trucks guided by labels indicating their load order and stackable location in the truck – finally they are shipped!

Shipping Back To Philly

Overall, we were very impressed by the facilities and management of the Waypoint Living Spaces brand. This trip was definitely an eye-opening experience. Throughout the process we were able to see first-hand the commitment of all of the employees to the quality of both their service and products. We think that the personal face-to-face communication with the Waypoint Partners has given us the insight to better communicate our ideas and issues with them for our clients, and getting the firsthand look into the construction process will allow us to better educate our clients. Waypoint strives for quality, their goal is for value. They offer a limited selection of products, but the products that they do produce, they have down to a science.

 Visit us in our Showroom at 4229 Ridge Avenue  or give us a call at (215) 848-4444 for more info on Waypoint cabinets or remodeling your home!

Unique Storage for the Kitchen You May Not Know Existed!

May 19, 2017 | 2

So, before we begin our discussion about your Kitchen Remodel, I’d like to ask ..

“What made you decide to remodel?”

This is typically the first question we ask/have asked all of our previous and potential clients before going in depth into the scope of their kitchen projects. The client is usually is eager to tell us about the project specifications and often is taken back by this initial question.

Allowing them to take a step back and consider the reasons they have reached out, clients may pause and reflect and then give various reasonings. We often hear:

“My current kitchen is:

  • not my style” (some might even refer to their current space as flat out ugly), 
  • dated”
  • “one that I would like to enhance because I just recently moved in”
  • “ready for an upgrade”
  • “not functional”
  • falling apart”

– are many answers we typically get. (All perfectly understandable reasons!)

However, the most underlying complaint or concern the majority of our potential client’s have, which we hear over and over again, is they describe is that there is a lack of space.

Is lack of space in the kitchen a problem you face as well?

Regardless of the size of the space, here at dRemodeling, we would like to offer you with options that you may have never previously considered as space savers to fit to your specific needs and wants in a functional space.

What if I told you that some of these storage design solutions we can offer are ones that you didn’t know existed, let alone couldn’t live without? Yes, I know, I know, that is a much exaggerated way to put it but have you ever discovered something that you didn’t realize how you got this far without having? If the answer is no, then possibly this is your *moment*.

While every client is unique in their wants and needs for storage and cabinetry in their kitchen, one of the greatest benefits and advantage about working one on one with one of experienced designers is we get to know you specifically.

Do you utilize spices every single day? Do you recycle large amounts weekly? How large is your collection of pots and pans? The list goes on and on about what makes a client unique.

The remodel and design/build of your kitchen is entirely custom to you. Yes, let me say that again – regardless of working with a team of professional, expert & award winning designers, the biggest decision in a full remodeling design/build of your kitchen is left entirely up to YOU  – so…we’ll let you decide – which design cabinetry/storage solutions are ones that you may not know you needed.

Storage Solution Pantry via dRemodeling

The Concealed Column

Have you ever wondered where to store all those cookbooks you’ve collected throughout the years- none of which you are ready to part with? We know that you might need those at a moment’s notice when in the kitchen! This idea will transform a decorative column into an adorable and stylish little cabinet to store your items!


This Hidden Storage Idea by Better Homes & Gardens


The Doggy Disguised Design

Grab some extra storage in a location now no one is going to discover even if they leave no stone unturned. That small space under the lower cabinets of your kitchen, also known as toe-kicks are surely worth not neglecting. In fact, you can do a lot with it and turn them into little storages for you or your puppy!

This Hidden Storage Idea by Better Homes & Gardens


The Clever Clean-Up

Did you ever imagine that a narrow gap where a drawer fits can work as an awesome spot for placing a roll-out paper towel, while ensuring sure no additional space on your kitchen counter top gets occupied? Just grab a quick sheet for on the spot cleanup!

This Hidden Storage Idea by Diy & Crafts Mag


The Private Panel

What wet bar is complete without – you guessed it – liquor! While it is nice to display the top shelf items – what about the bottles that don’t want to necessary have out all the time or even if you want to keep private. Instead of putting them in a cabinet underneath the “good stuff” what about the option of a roll out tall pantry cabinet, accessible on both sides – that blends right into the custom look.

This Hidden Storage Idea by Cascade Restoration
And, here’s just a few more –

This Storage Idea via a Spicy Perspective

This Hidden Storage Idea by Better Homes & Gardens

 Roll Out Under Cabinet Storage Bins via The Family Handyman

This Pull – Out Cabinet Organizer via Galleon PH /

This storage Idea via Diamond Cabinets

This Hidden Kitchen Storage Solution by Country Living

This Hidden Kitchen Storage Solution by Country Living

This Corner Cabinet Solution by Architecture Designs

Storage Design via Duitang 

Storage Solution via HGTV


So when working with dRemodeling, we would not only like to hear what you would like us to do to help build/design to make your life easier but also help to create some options that you …….. Yep that’s right, didn’t know you could live without.

Shower Systems For an At-Home Spa

October 24, 2016 | 2

Who doesn’t want to end their day at a spa, relaxing their worries from the day away? What would happen if we told you that we can bring the spa to your home? There are a number of different shower systems that can provide you with the same relaxing, peaceful feeling as if you just ventured out to the spa!

Shower Heads for Anyone

In looking at shower heads and systems, there are a number of different types: standard wall-mount, top mount, sliding bar, and handheld.

  • A standard wall mounted is directly mounted to a wall in the shower and is typically installed at a height specific to the client’s preference to allow for ease of use while showering. A shower head can range from simple design to elaborate.
  • A top-mount shower head is affixed to the ceiling in the shower and usually best accompanies a rainhead shower to give the full access of bathing in a rainforest!
  • A sliding-bar shower head allows for each user to adjust the shower head height based on their personal preference along a wall-mounted base.
  • A handheld shower can be in addition to the wall-mounted shower head, where it can be removed or stationary depending on client preference as well.

In terms of finishes, typically all shower systems are available in polished chrome, satin nickel, and antique bronze.

Wall-Mounted Shower Head

In the simplest form, a shower can contain a wall-mounted shower head and temperature valve as pictured:

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-11-19-04-pm bathroom-marble-ceramic-tile

This allows for a shower head to distribute water and a temperature gauge to have the user turn the dial to the desired temperature and water pressure.

Handheld Shower

A tier above a simple shower head and temperature gauge, an additional item can be added for better utilization from the user, a handheld shower. A handheld shower can be installed in addition to a shower head. This handheld shower can be of great use to clients with children, pets, or just for easier use of water distribution. A handheld shower can exist on either a bar where it has the option to move vertically or can be affixed to a stationary bracket, respectively.

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-12-16-19-am spa_1 spa_2

A popular option for the handheld shower is to have this affixed to the wall with either a stationary or moveable bracket and have an overhead rain head shower:

Alternate Nozzles and Sprays

In further upgrading your bathroom getaway, a shower can have alternate nozzles and sprays for steam and alternate water distribution.

img_2210 img_2214 pic-3

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We understand choosing the right shower experience can be overwhelming with all of the different options available, so here are a few items to think about to help narrow down the options:

  • Think about your dream shower/bath experience and make it come to life!
  • Adjustability to all users of the shower is key, so if you are on the fence about choosing between a stationary or removable handheld shower, go for the adjustable option so each user is able to customize their spa-like experience
  • If you see a product that breaks your budget, try to narrow down what specific features you like about that fixture and look for those features in alternate models below your budget

Overall, coming home after a hard day’s work is most rewarding if your bathroom space helps you to relax and separate yourself from daily life. So why not have the spa treatment in your own home?

Convenient and Stylish Shower Storage Solutions for Any Modern Bathroom

October 21, 2016 |

Storage space is hard to come by in a bathroom. Even with a recessed medicine cabinet, a linen closet, and vanity space, I still have trouble storing items for daily use. More storage solutions are hidden right in front of your eyes! Focusing on just one area, the shower/tub, we can already point out 4 points of added storage space: recessed shower niche, in shower bench seating, wire baskets, and corner shelving. Check out how you can maximize your bathroom storage below!

Recessed Storage Niches

Recessed storage niches can maximize storage greatly. While updating your walk-in shower and/or tub in your bathroom, we get so excited over the new finish material opportunities but often neglect to design specified storage within the shower for ease of use. Niches are great at accommodating small and large shampoo bottles, soaps, and anything else one needs in the shower. Compared to any other storage solution in a shower, niches do not take up any additional space. A typical recessed niche is 12” W x 24” H. The 12” width allows the recessed niche to fit between vertical studs behind the wall which are typically 16” apart. The typical depth of a recessed niche is 3.5”, which is the width of a wood stud. Niches can range in width and height but should be discussed prior to starting so as to make sure any plumbing or electrical wires are not in the way as well as supporting of cut stud if make larger in width.

Recessed niches should be installed in interior walls compared to exterior walls. Materiality for these niches have to be taken into consideration as well. Niches can be tiled and can be framed with different edges to retrieve a different look. For example:

Metal edges on a niche vs. bullnose tile.

Metal Edges on a Niche

Metal Edges on a Niche

Bullnose tile

Bullnose Tile


Recessed niches can also span to large widths such as:


Wide Niche



Wire Baskets

Wire baskets can be installed to either corner of the shower. These are meant to provide secured storage for soaps and shampoo/conditioner bottles without them slipping and falling off shelving. This is an alternative to recessed storage niches and pie shelves. These items are typically finished to be rust resistant. The wire baskets allow for moisture to completely escape, allowing for no moisture build up. Wire baskets provide a more contemporary/modern aesthetic to any shower.



Wire Baskets


Wire Basket

Corner Shelves

Corner shower shelves are an additional alternative to recessed storage niches and fixed wire basket storage. Pie shelves are meant to be installed in the corner of showers and tubs. Unlike the wire basket storage, pie shelves come in a few different materials such as marble, glass, and stone.

Shower corner shelving can come in the shape of a 1/4 pie and triangle size. Typically more 2-3 corner shelves are installed in a shower to allow for ample storage space for multiple users in the shower. A corner shelf can even be installed as a seat and/or foot rest for shaving. Heights for installation of pie shelves are based on their specific users. If you are designing for clients that are shorter or taller than average, it is recommended you install based on the needs of your client. As a point of reference, the corner shelves should be installed within minimum and maximum reach distance for the user, 36”-60” off the finished floor.


Pie Shelf


Shower Corner

Shower Benches

Shower benches can become another means of storage within a shower. Typically they need 15” in depth to allow adequate enough space while the seat comes 17”-19” in height from the finished floor. Corner benches are typically installed out of the spray area from the shower head, anchored at 18” from the ground so that feet can be tucked underneath. At this height, this bench can be utilized at a foot rest for shaving or lowered storage for shampoo/conditioner bottles.

Typical materials utilized for shower benches ranges from stone to wood, specifically teak. Shower benches can opt to fold for storage while showering and while not in use can store itself for added space in the shower.


Stone Shower Bench


Teak Wood


Wall Mount Teak Seat

With all these storage solutions possible in just the shower/tub area alone, how can you just choose one? Each offers their own unique solution. When choosing some of these solutions for your bath remodel, don’t forget to consider what you seem to be missing in your current space and what can appeal to all users of the new space!