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Blog for amazing home improvement and remodeling projects in the Philadelphia area. | April 19, 2018

4229 Ridge Ave
Philadelphia PA 19129
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Project in Progress: Fresh Urban Bathroom

This South Philadelphia bathroom remodeling project is well on its way to becoming a completely transformed, beautiful space.

This project has presented some interesting challenges–right from the beginning.  The bathroom’s small square footage didn’t add any ease to the design phase, and special care had to be taken to ensure that everything would fit just right. Further, great consideration was taken in the preliminary design phase to choose materials and finishes that would help to expand this small space into a bathroom that feels larger and airy.

This project is one where the clients have some very specific demands about their space. On one hand, there is a huge need for better function. The existing space does not provide enough room for towels, small accessories, or movement. The bathroom’s small feel is further emphasized by the existing dark vanity that expands from the shower to the adjacent wall.

From an aesthetic standpoint, these clients are delightfully young and trendy. They enjoy their downtown living and would like to develop a space that speaks more to their sense of modernity. Their bathroom also has one very important element: a window in the shower with a city skyline view.

In order to highlight this window, and to open up the space, we have decided to knock out a portion of the existing shower wall to allow for a wider frameless glass shower door. We have selected a vanity that is not as deep as the prior vanity, which allows for this wider shower entry. The new vanity contains a double sink so that both clients have their own space while in the bathroom. New tiles have been selected for the floor, shower floor, and shower walls. As an accent behind the toilet, we have chosen a thin-brick product in an aged, white/gray color. These bricks will add beautiful texture and diversity to the space–and will add a very contemporary element that will make the bathroom truly unique. Another big change in the bathroom will be implemented with doors: the existing doors have been removed and will be replaced with white solid wood doors that have a single glass lite in the center of each. This will help light filter into the bathroom even when the door is closed, and will lighten up the otherwise heavy piece. The bathroom will be finished with beautiful chrome hardware, clean lines, elegant fixtures, and a stunning Possini Euro ceiling light.

Stay tuned to see this finished space in a few weeks!

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