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Planning a Staycation? Make It a Fun One with a Social Remodel!

Staying home during summer can be a drag, especially if you spend your time on Instagram, sighing over photos from exotic places. But what if, instead of moping around the house, you made plans to host an epic get-together with friends who are also stuck in Philly for the summer?

If you do decide to have your friends over for a fun weekend, there’s a case to be made for having a remodel crew over first to spruce up your place for company. (And we’re not just saying that because we’d love to handle that part for you, while you think of fun games for game night.)

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1. Your staycation remodel starts… underground!

dremodeling-staycation-basement_seating (1)You’ll probably balk at having people traipse around your home – and, trust us, your friends don’t particularly enjoy feeling like invaders either. The perfect compromise? Setting aside a fun room in the house, preferably the basement, where you can all gather for an impromptu game of pool or a makeshift movie festival. We’d advise springing for a larger TV, a solid sound system and a special theater-like area with darker walls for the best viewing experience. Don’t forget the board games for the guests who aren’t fans of charades – and provide ample seating with sectional sofas!

2. Lights are essential when you’re playing the host at home!

Adding in some lighting options is also worth considering at this point, especially when revamping a basement with guests in mind, since the more options they’ll have around the space, the more they’ll feel at home. And you can bet that skimping on recessed lighting fixtures will cause you some headaches in the long run, when some of your friends want to play cards in one area while others need a lower-lit mood for cocktails, in another.

3. Remodel & redecorate your home for extra storage!

Whether it’s more closet space, more chairs, sinks or even bunk beds, your home needs to go through some changes if it’s to accommodate a large group of people. The good news is, that’s a cakewalk to get done with a remodeling firm that, like dRemodeling, comes with its own team of designers and decorators.


While the remodeling crew can focus on ramping up your social host game in terms of sleeping quarters and extra shelf space, the big-picture decorators will put everything together in a coherent way. These experts will know, for instance, the best place to put a pegboard or a wire rack in. They’ll also have a better understanding of how you can wow your friends with a seascape- or Hawaii-themed bathroom and, through partnerships with manufacturers and subcontractors, they’ll get you all set up at a lower price than what you’d find on the market yourself.

4. Give your guests the gift of backyard camping!

There’s arguably nothing that says summer more than camping! And even if you can’t get out of town, you can still enjoy the s’mores and the fireside ghost stories in the comfort of your own yard. All you’ll need is some camping gear and, if you’re not up for building a fire so close to home, a grill. Though not really the great outdoors, this small-scale recreation is bound to make for some fun times – and the idea of having a real bathroom close by should make the whole idea more appealing to that one friend who turns his nose up at getting close and personal with Mother Nature.

5. Tweak your kitchen for foot traffic!

Kitchen_Quartz_CountertopChances are you’ve already been thinking about making your kitchen more inviting, but never got around to it. Maybe the idea of a staycation, with friends popping in and out of your kitchen, will move you to act on that need sooner rather than later. Depending on your existing space, your kitchen might be needing more than a touch-up: consider how easy it is (or isn’t!) to move around. Do you struggle to wiggle past the chairs around the kitchen table and keep bumping into the corners of your island countertop? Is your kitchen a veritable obstacle course? Then why would you subject yourself (not to mention your guests) to living with it as is any longer?



Whatever’s holding you back from having the best summer at home ever, we’ll be happy to make the decision easier! Our designer team will figure out all the remodeling and redecorating details beforehand, dispelling any notion you might have that your home might be too crammed for a social staycation. Just schedule a visit by calling or emailing us and let us take it from there!

Ioanina Pavel
  • On July 24, 2016

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