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Philadelphia Area Kitchen Trends to Consider in 2017

Choosing the right design for your kitchen remodel requires creating the right combination of current and timeless for the remodeler. You want something that will look stylish now, but you also want something that will age well and not look like a trendy mistake in 5 years. Because kitchen remodels are expensive, time consuming, and exhausting, you probably do not want to even think about completing another one in the foreseeable future, so you need to get the details right, right now.

We think the following 2017 kitchen trends for the Philadelphia Area are great, now and forever. While not every trend is right for every kitchen, we are sure you will find one trend in this list to add to your idea-book!

All White Everything

This classic look is back by popular demand! This choice is timeless, elegant, and easy, taking the stress out of color selection for the remodeler. However, if you want to go crazy with color coordination, you still can! Combinations of white brights, off whites, and beiges are all the rage. Human’s have designed their spaces with all white since the dawn of civilization, so it’s very unlikely this color scheme will go out style anytime soon. Plus, nothing is more satisfying that a pop of color on an all white backdrop.


Quartz is the new black! Or really, the new Granite. The popularity of quartz is both aesthetic and practical. Quartz offers remodelers myriad color options, and those colors stay consistent throughout the slabs, unlike many granite slabs that contain commercial dyes. Furthermore, the strength of quartz surpasses that of granite and marble. Bonus? Quality quartz costs less than high end granite. How can you go wrong?

Automated Appliances

The future is now! From motion sensor sinks to iPhone controlled ovens, kitchen appliances in 2017 will be increasingly automated and high-tech. While you may not want the full extent of possible technology, it’s not a bad idea to add some automated appliances so you stay ahead of the technological game. While we cannot predict the future, I think we can all agree our society is moving towards more technology, not less.

Nods to the Traditional

While automation and contemporary minimalism reigns supreme in much of the design world, traditionalist styles have remained prominent in 2017. Farm house styles have had a recent resurgence in popularity, due to their elegant yet unpretentious traditionalism. These designs are good for remodelers who want to update their kitchens without the disrupting the charming historical character of the rest of their house. Don’t want to choose between a look that screams new and old? Mix it up! There are plenty of way to combine seemingly anachronistic kitchen materials to create a fun, functional and beautiful kitchen.

Space Saving

As more and more people move into the city, more kitchen remodels focus on maximizing space. Whether you live in a cramped apartment building in Rittenhouse Square or a spacious estate on the Main Line, your space and kitchen organization can be enhanced by techniques that increase surface area and square footage, or at create the illusion of increased space so you and your family don’t feel claustrophic. Some examples? Floor to ceiling cabinets, hidden sliding spice racks, and mirror covers for cabinets and backsplashes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our brief review of 2017 kitchen trends! Inspired to start your kitchen remodel today? Great! Call us at (215) 848-4444 to set up a consultation.

Happy Remodeling!

Nina K.
  • On April 12, 2017


  1. These are great tips for anyone in Greater Philadelphia! Thanks for sharing.4

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