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Crazy for Copper: Will this booming design trend keep its luster?

Oh, copper. Improving the lives of humanity since the dawn of time.

No, really.

Copper is the oldest ore known to mankind. It was actually discovered almost 13,000 years ago!

Copper has held many uses over the years, from spiritual ceremonies and medical procedures to jewelry, currency and even for its health benefits. The ancient Egyptians, for example, viewed having copper as a symbol of wealth and status in their society.

While copper may not be quite as revered these days, we certainly can’t get enough of the warm, metallic glow of a copper-accented kitchen. Check out these amazing copper-style ideas for some inspiration for your home decor.


Copper Sinks

The United States Environmental Protection Agency lists copper sinks as having antimicrobial qualities. Studies show that up to 99.9% of all bacteria is killed within an hour of making contact with a copper sink. Amazing, right?























Copper Backsplash

A copper backsplash can provide a striking backdrop for your kitchen. And don’t forget about copper’s anti-microbial qualities. This kitchen backsplash is most likely clean enough to eat off of!


Copper Pipe Shelving

Pure elegance with an industrial spin. What could be better?
























Copper Appliances

From range hoods to stoves, copper appliances are in vogue right now and make great statement pieces in your space.





Copper Countertops

Enjoy the burnished glow of copper countertops in your space – and those antimicrobial qualities don’t hurt, either.
























Copper Light Fixtures

Copper light fixtures can make a great accent piece for your kitchen, or tie in nicely with other copper accents in a space! The skies the limit in terms of styles and sizes available.






















Copper Hardware & Fixtures

Copper sink fixtures can add a bold flash of color in any kitchen or bathroom. Copper also makes gorgeous drawer pulls for cabinets and drawers!


























Copper Accessories

Love the copper style trend but unsure how its going to hold up over time? Purchasing copper accessories for your kitchen can help add that warm, metallic flair you want without potentially hurting your homes re-sale in the long run.























The Verdict

While copper has a great track record in terms  of it’s usefulness to humanity, the jury is still out on whether or not copper will hold its appeal for years to come or if it will join the ranks of other misguided style trends (think 80’s pastels and 70’s wood paneling).   The fact remains, however, that using copper accents in your home will instantly elevate everything around it. So use it at your own risk.

Tammy Slaughter
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  1. Copper things are expensive but we surely know that it will have a good quality and it be long last in your home. Thank you for sharing this article it is helpful.

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