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Blog for amazing home improvement and remodeling projects in the Philadelphia area. | February 19, 2018

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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose dRemodeling For Your Next Renovation

When it comes to picking a company for your remodeling project, we know you have a lot of options. However, we firmly believe that dRemodeling provides the best service for customers looking for a high-end remodels of their Kitchen, Bathroom, and/or Basement in the Philadelphia area. Here’s why!

  1. You Consult with Designers, not Salespeople

At dRemodeling, we are not trying to sell you an expensive remodeling project you did not want in the first place. Rather, we assign you to one of our award winning designers, and they help you come up with the perfect plan to fit the needs of your space and budget, with a tasteful design that reflects your personal aesthetic.

Our designers are trained professionals with years of interior remodeling experience. They do not work for commission, and instead of pushing you to sign with us, they focus their energy on figuring out whether or not our company is a good fit for you, and how to provide you with the best plan possible. The success of our design stories can be seen in Angie’s List user Encarna’s remodeling story. According to her, “Devin redesigned the original space to convert it into a full bathroom and a powder room that looked absolutely gorgeous and, surprisingly, even spacious.” With dRemodeling designers, you will get the most out of your space and your investment

  1. Design Center and Showroom

Our Design Center and Showroom allows customers to see first-hand what our projects and designs look like, and meet the team to determine if we will be a good fit for your project. We discuss the remodeling process so you know what to expect. With good, better, and best material options, we allow you to tailor your own project budget while providing information on the pros and cons of the different lines and materials we carry, so you can make informed decisions.

  1. A One-Stop-Shop with no Subcontractors

dRemodeling is Philadelphia’s only real one-stop-shop remodeling company. This classification means that, after you’ve chosen dRemodeling as your contractor, we will assign you a project manager who will work in hand in hand with your designer and our build crew from start to finish. Because our designers and installation team work together, there is never any confusion between the design and what gets installed.

Most other companies use subcontractors and pay them by the job. This system incentivizes the contractors to rush jobs, cut corners to save money, and use cheaper materials. Some of the subcontractors are carrying insurance and some of them are not. If someone is injured while working in your house you might be liable. If something happens and you think the issue is covered by the contractor warranty, the contractors will scramble to blame

We do not use subcontractors. All our workers are full time employed by dRemodeling, which means they receive benefits and paid vacation. Each of them has a company credit card and they use it to buy materials as needed. Our employees are paid by the hour. There is no reason for them to rush, cut corners, or use cheaper materials. Everybody takes pride in their work, and for this reason, we can offer a 5 year Warranty on our work (when most other companies offer warranty between 6 months to 1 year). We cover all labor with Liability and Workers Compensation insurance.

  1. Clear Communication

Because our whole team works together to finish your project, our clients save time. Our deadlines are coordinated, and our office centralizes information on all projects, so we are able to correspond with clients and answer questions more easily than other contractors. Athena Levan found this organizational plus to be true on her kitchen remodel, writing on Angie’s List, “(they) are… very responsive. We never worried about not getting a call or email back within a few hours.” With dRemodeling, you can trust us to take your feedback seriously, and make sure you know the state of your remodel at every step of the project.

  1. A Pleasant and Respectful Team of Contractors

When you hire dRemodeling, you not only invest in a beautiful end-product, but also a smooth remodeling process. We understand that you may need to live in your space during the project, so our team aims to be as respectful and clean as possible, a trait that has been noted by many of our clients. Just ask user marenleah, who wrote in her review of our remodel, “(from) start to finish they kept the house clean and well organized. I swear, they swept at the end of each day!

  1. An Impeccable Product from the Top Rated Brand in the Industry

Most importantly, dRemodeling excels at providing you with a remodel you will love now, and for many years to come. The whole point of hiring a contractor is to create a fabulous space, and we have proven that we are able to deliver that result time and time again by receiving the highest ratings for a contractor in the Philadelphia area, Angie’s List, and Google +. We ranked in the top ten nationally for Kitchen and Bathroom remodelers as well.

Beyond our high ratings online, national organization in the remodeling industry consistently recognize dRemodeling for its superior service in Kitchen, Bathroom, and Basement remodeling. For example, we received the Contractor of the Year award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry in 2017, and Remodeling magazine included us in their issue naming the top 50 remodelers in the country. We know you have a lot of choices when you remodel your home, and we take pride in giving customers a top rated and award winning remodeling experience.

Before and After Modern French Country Kitchen

  1. Even Your Pets will Love Us!

Many of our client’s reviews highlight our team’s friendship with their furry friends. For example, Houzz user Anne writes, I work from home, so I’m probably around more than most clients and they were always professional — even our dog enjoyed seeing them each day. We are looking forward to hiring them again for our next project! We strongly believe that with a respectful and professional team, every member of the household will be happy with the remodeling process.


We hope this post has convinced you to hire dRemodeling for your next large-scale home renovation. If you have any questions, call or email us anytime at the number or address below.

Happy Remodeling!


dRemodeling team

4229 Ridge Ave.

Philadelphia, PA, 19129

(215) 848-4444

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