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5 Reasons to Sign a Design Agreement with dRemodeling

To those new to kitchen remodeling, hiring a designer can seem like a superfluous addition to the already costly and time consuming realities of renovation. However, once the build process actually begins, many homeowners find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer mass of options that go into the design process, and all the moving parts they need to manage to build the renovation in their head. That’s where our designers come in. Having a dRemodeling designer on your project will clarify the elements that are important to the overarching design concept. Your designer will work extensively with you to determine exactly what is important to you and insert their professional expertise where needed. A final design includes a comprehensive blending of functional need and aesthetic preference.

Development of a Layout for Bidding Purposes

One of the most common reasons clients sign a design agreement is to then use the design to get accurate, apples-to-apples bids on their projects. I’m sure some of you may already have a few bids sitting on your outdated kitchen counter trying to determine exactly what each contractor is offering. Having a design will put all of your prospective contractors on the same page, and help you obtain comparable bids.  Furthermore, it will give you a road map to follow throughout the remodeling process to hold the contractor accountable to your design, aesthetically and functionally.

Layout and Materials Selection Help

When remodeling a kitchen that will have some layout changes, it is beneficial to work with a designer who has your interests in mind, along with the recommended clearances, heights, ergonomics of use, and material ratings for the use you intend. The designer helps you avoid layout blunders, outdated material selections, and low-quality fixture selection. Furthermore, the designer with bring your artistic dreams to life by applying their training and experience to your vision. You wouldn’t expect to draw a photo-realistic portrait without years of practice. Why wouldn’t you want to bring a professional eye to the aesthetics of your kitchen? Whether you’re looking for an on trend kitchen or a classic redesign, the dRemodeling designer assigned to your project will go the extra mile to deliver what you want.

Materials Budget Breakdown

Budget is a major driving force behind the decision to sign a design agreement as well. Most contractors will only provide you with a quote for the installation labor. If you are unsure of what the cost of finish materials will be however, it is difficult to determine if the proposed labor cost will fit your budgetary needs. After the design is completed, it become much easier for us to obtain accurate pricing for the finish materials that you selected. After you know a cost for the finish materials, it is easier to determine if the cost of the finish materials in addition to the proposed labor cost will fall within your budget.

Time, Stress, and Organization

Organizing a kitchen remodel is a tall order for someone with no experience in the matter. A good designer will guide you through the complex chain of command and communication that occurs when working with multiple contractors, so you don’t have to play boss and client at every step of the way. Our designers come highly reviewed and have worked for many years on hundreds of projects. They have won awards for their work. Most importantly, at dRemodeling designers have your best interests at heart. They know how to talk to contractors and how to pull a project together. With their help, your project will go smoothly and quickly, because you will not have to worry about driving forward all the parts of your remodel at every step of the way.

Design Concept Board and 3D Renderings

Why sign off on a vision you haven’t even seen yet? To help you understand how the layout and the materials will look together, we create a digital design concept board early on in the design process. These design boards allow you to see the relationships between the materials and give you a sense of how they work with the style of appliances that we’re suggesting. In addition to the design board, with a kitchen design we also provide you with 3D renderings and views of your kitchen layout with materials applied. This is one of the most useful tools we can use to help you get a sense of what the final design will look like. It gives you a visual representation of the material spread so you understand exactly how much weight the cabinetry, counter tops, back splash, and flooring carries throughout the entire design, and how they interact with each other in the space.

Need more convincing? Call us at (215) 848-4444 or email us at to learn how a dRemodeling designer can help you with your kitchen renovations.


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